Paper manufacturing industries, on a large scale, essentially need Paper Sizing Chemical to impart certain desirable qualities of the paper. The main purpose of using sizing agents or paper sizing chemicals is to strengthen or increase the resistance to penetration of water or any other liquid into the paper. This process makes the paper suitable enough for printing, writing, or any other purpose. 

Best Paper Sizing Chemical 

Generally, there are two types of paper sizing agents namely Surface Sizing Agent and Internal Paper Sizing Chemical. Both the agents work individually, or sometimes in combination, to decrease dusting, improve dewatering, improve paper machine runnability, smoothness & paper quality, and control the ink from spreading around.

For getting the best quality of any form of paper sizing agent, you must rely on standard companies. Companies like Balaji ChemSolutions offers a wide range of good quality paper sizing agents to help the paper manufacturing industries. 

Types Of Paper Sizing Agents Or Chemicals

Internal paper sizing agent includes alkyl ketene dimer (AKD), rosin, and alkyl succinic anhydride (ASA). All these agents include high hydrophobicity, are strongly bonded with fibers, uniform distribution throughout the fiber surfaces, and good retention on fibers.

The AKD sizing is considered as the most common alkaline/neutral sizing agent among all the other paper sizing agents. It is synthesized from fatty acids whereas physically is more waxy like milky emulsion chemical. It improves the surface condition of the paper and thus is the most extensively used reactive agent in the process of high-quality printing papers production.

Rosing, the internal sizing chemical, is basically added to the paper pulp to increase resistance to water and other such liquids. Rosing sizing imparts a degree of acidity to the paper, making it usable enough for the purpose of writing, printing, etc.

Another internal sizing agent is ASA sizing. The active ingredient of Alkenylsuccinic Anhydride (Asa) is an oily monomer. ASA is a sizing chemical that is used to increase resistance to water penetration in cases where the paper is formed under neutral or alkaline conditions. Compared to other internal sizing agents, ASA is used in cases where full cure is desired or needed before the size press and also in cases where it is highly important to maintain a high frictional coefficient in the paper products.

The surface sizing chemicals usually forms a thin film on the paper web that reduces paper dust, improves surface strength and printability, and improves water-resistance of the paper. The surface sizing agents include Ethylene Acrylic Acid (EAA), Polyurethane (PUR), Styrene Acrylic Acid (SAA), Styrene Maleic Anhydride (SMA), and gelatin. These agents are applied in a paper mill industry through the size press at the dry end section.

Is It Necessary To Perform Paper Sizing Using Chemicals?

Since paper sizing id done with the sole purpose to provide water-resistance (i.e., prevent the surface of the paper from getting blur with water or ink or any other liquid) and printability to paper. The paper sizing agents also called sizing chemicals, helps in the process of paper sizing.

If the paper sizing isn’t done properly or without the use of the best quality of sizing chemicals, the quality of the manufactured papers will be at fault, i.e, the paper will lack the capacity to resist liquid onto it and thus it will make it blurry real soon.  This is the reason that good quality sizing chemicals namely Rosin sizing, and other chemicals, as provided by authentic companies like Balaji ChemSolutions, should be purchased by the papermaking industries in order to prevent any fault in the process of paper sizing. Thus, the paper sizing is a crucial process for paper manufacturers.