Why Do Paper Manufacturers Need Paper Sizing Chemical?

Paper chemicals are essential for the manufacturing process of books, tissues, newspapers, and other forms of paper that are entirely usable in our everyday lives. Nowadays, paper sizing chemicals manufacturers produce a range of paper chemicals, including sizing agents, water-repellents that hinder printing from feathering, etc.

The manufactured chemicals improve the resilience of paper and corrugated cardboard and enhance the water-resistance of tissues or paper towels.

Also, these chemicals, besides, can promote the development or innovation of new papermaking applications.

Sizing and Paper: Have a look to Learn!

Being a paper manufacturer, did you ever got curious to know why the paper towels dominate at soaking up the water that you dropped, while the junk mail pile performs horribly?

Okay — maybe you’ve got it, or perhaps you haven’t. In any scenario, this is all about sizing. Without thickness, the paper proves to consume every liquid. E.g., the ink bleeds or protract, absorbing in the paper instantly. 

With the introduction of sizing, you can find that water remains on the top paper surface a little longer. Another exciting thing it exhibits that line has slightly sharper points on the sizing paper.

So ultimately, you can come across to a decision that sizing paper is usually thicker and more substantial, as well that maintains the quality of the paper.

How sizing influence papermaking?

Sizing can also influence the capacity as well as other characteristics of the finished material. Therefore most of the paper sizing chemicals manufacturers recommend sizing. Sizing affects the manner of how the paper interacts with varying inks. Devoid of any sizing at all, the paper would be quite absorbent for the most applications even as a desk blotter. 

A sizing like of starch renders the paper responsive to water-based ink (also, the inks remain on top of the paper sheet rather than sunk in). Paper sizing chemical suppliers also provide many sizing, usually, rosins and gums, which are easily accessible based on the potential application of the paper. 

Paper that contains a printed layout, such as gift packaging, needs a particular sizing ratio that assures that the paper welcomes printing properly.

Types of Sizing

Also, the paper sizing chemicals manufacturers provide a wide variety of chemicals for paper or paperboard manufacturing. For instance, for the applications, there are two forms of sizing followed up, such as surface and internal sizing that help papermakers to boost water absorption, printing abilities and fluid control qualities of a paper. 

Therefore, companies are striving to provide paper manufacturers with the best sizing chemical to help their company reach the standard level. However, the internal sizing agents also come in a variety of chemical formulations such as alkyl succinic anhydride (ASA) type, alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) type, wax, and rosin size to have outstanding hydrophobicity, preservation, and delivery in acidic, alkaline or neutral sizing conditions.

Surface sizing chemicals provide a range of starch and wax related materials that boost printing properties, water resistance, and paper oil resistance. However, most of the internal sizing chemical suppliers can offer you a range of internal and surface sizing chemicals to help you achieve your end-use goals, align with various printing techniques, enhance machine efficiency, and enjoy high productivity.

Key points based on sizing:

Internal Sizing

  • Wax-based internal sizes
  • Rosin based internal sizes
  • AKD (alkyl ketene dimer) internal sizes, varying charge chemistry
  • ASA (alkenyl succinic anhydride) internal sizes, varying molecular weight

Surface Sizing

  • Wax-based internal sizes
  • Starch-based sizes

Sizing Applications and Benefits


  • Food packaging
  • Liner board and corrugated
  • Printing & copier paper
  • Liquid packaging


  • Oil and grease resistance
  • Improved printability
  • Coating and adhesive holdout
  • Water resistance