These days, cleaning chemicals play a vital role in our lives. Almost all of the things we use now contain some chemical component. Chemicals have always made their way into the manufacturing process of beauty items, from cosmetics to various other products.

Knowing that chemicals are utilized in parts of the creation of electrical goods is not particularly shocking. The chemical industry accounts for 17% of the economy’s manufacturing GDP.

Our country produces more than 80,000 chemicals for a range of uses. Additionally, chemical businesses have fertilizers, paints, perfumes, and various other products. With so many influential chemical producers, it becomes difficult for customers to select the best.

Today, in this article, read the top 10 best industrial cleaning chemical manufacturers in India :

  1. Tata Chemicals – Tata Chemicals was founded in 1938. and engages in general and specialized chemistry, India’s top chemical industry. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, and it has an abroad presence in Africa.
    The corporation operates the biggest saltworks in Asia and offers chemicals to various sectors, including the pharmaceuticals, bakery and detergent industries.
    It ranks as the third-largest producer of soda ash and the sixth-largest producer of sodium bicarbonate worldwide. Tata also manufactures a wide variety of spices, biofuels and fertilizers.
  2. Pidilite Industry – It is an Indian chemical firm established in 1959. Along with selling art supplies, this business also offers chemicals used in construction and industry.
    The industry initially offered fevicol, but it has grown to great heights. One of the top companies in the nation for the sale of gluesticks is Pidilite.
  3. UPL Limited – United Phosphorus Limited (UPL) is an Indian multinational corporation headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company offers crop protection solutions and manufacturers and produces industrial and specialty chemicals, market agrochemicals, and chemical intermediates.
    UPL Limited facilitates crop development potential through its innovations, such as anti-stress technology.
  4. BASF India Ltd. – The second largest producer of chemicals in the world is a German-based company, BASF. For almost 127 years, BASF India has worked to build the country, and in 2019, the company celebrated becoming the association’s 75th anniversary.
    All its items are made with premium components, enabling the business to offer effective services. The company also provides a range of other goods like industrial gases, cracker products, alcohols and solvents under the sub-branch of the chemical-producing segment. This industry also works in the mining and energy sectors.
  5. Gujrat Alkalis and Chemicals Limited – This corporation, which has its headquarters in Gujrat and is owned by the Gujrat government, was founded in 1973. The business developed an environment-friendly membrane cell technology after learning about the mercury contamination it was causing.
    The company also produces the Caustic Potash Group, Sodium Chlorate Group, Special Chlorine Derivatives Group and many others.
  6. PI Industries – Mewar Mills and General Mills Ltd. founded the company in 1946 and is renowned nationwide for producing and developing agrochemicals. It is among the top sellers in the country’s granular formulation market.
    Along with several specialty chemicals similar to Humesol, the company also manufactures insecticides, vermicides and fungicides. With the help of its productive personnel, the company has established a strong reputation in the chemical production industry.
  7. Solar Industries Pvt. Ltd. – Transforming from a manufacturer with a single location to a significant corporation that exports explosives. It was established by Shri Satyanaryan Nandlal Nawal in 1995 and demonstrated its effectiveness in the ammunition and defence industry. Solar Industries has risen to the top among the national chemical firms that compete with it.
  8. Aarti Industries Limited – Aarti Industries Ltd., with its headquarters in Mumbai, India, was established in 1984. It is a well-known producer of chemicals, pigments, surfactants, agrochemicals, dyes and pharmaceuticals. They combine process chemistry competence to create a sustainable future.
  9. Coromandel International Ltd. – This business, mostly known as Coromandel Fertilizers, is the country’s second-largest producer of phosphatic fertilizers.
    The company offers various services, including retail, crop protection, fertilizers, and specialty nutrients. It helps the farmers maintain a balanced soil nutrient level and provides other support it needs.
  10. Atul Pvt.Ltd – Atul Ltd., formerly known as Atul Products, was founded in 1947. Its headquarters are in Gujrat’s Atul Village. In addition to helping it gain prominence on a global scale.
    Its business segments include Bulk chemicals, intermediates, crop protection retail, polymer performance, crop protection bulk actives and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. What are the 5 steps involved in making paper?
    Papermaking involves 5 steps: Chipping, wood pulp making , spreading of the pulp,pressing/drying/rolling and cutting sheets.
  2. Is paper manufacturing profitable?
    As the demand for paper is increasing day by day in India, so, therefore, paper manufacturing is a profitable business.


In the end, these are India’s top 10 cleaning chemicals companies. The Indian industry is diverse, covering almost 80,000 commercial products like petrochemicals, polymers, fertilizers, and agricultural chemicals.

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