Chemistry converts wood chips or fiber materials into paper pulp. The quality of pulp determines the quality of the paper. The high-quality paper is made possible by this method.

1. Pulp digester

A pulp digester is a large vessel used for chemical pulping and heating dissolved fibers. This machine cooks bamboo grasses, wood, and other materials. A chemical component is added to the basic materials to make paper pulp. This pulp is mainly cellulose.

After digestion, the pulp is available for washing, bleaching, and papermaking. Horizontal or vertical digesters can be used depending on the chemical pulping process.

2. Blow tank

Blow tanks are made of carbon steel with an antibacterial inner coating. The blow tank’s outer body is insulated to keep the pulp at the proper temperature.

3. DDS

This machine is the newest in pulp cooking. This machine produces 50-300 thousand tonnes of wood or bamboo pulp annually. Included in this machine system are a black liquor filter and pump and a storage tank and separator. This system also consists of four units: heat exchange, cooking, exhaust gas separation, and a black liquor filter.

These devices make paper pulp and paper packaging boards. Manufacturers, Balaji chem solution, paper manufacturers specify the procedure before selecting the pulping equipment.