The raw material which is widely used in papermaking is pulp. Many types of fibers like cotton fiber and cellulose fiber are used to produce the paper pulp. Nowadays the most popular material used for producing all quality paper is wood pulp. It contains a good quantity of cellulose fiber which is a threadlike structure and acts as the building block of the final product. The pulp is mixed with different chemicals and papermaking agents to enhance the brightness, stability, water or liquid resistance ability, and removing the impurities out of it.

On the basis of their characteristics and effects on paper quality, the raw material used for paper industry can be classified into the different categories including pulp, sizing materials, mineral fillers, and coloring matters.

  • Pulp

The pulp is the basic and most important ingredient for papermaking. It is the major raw material that is used in the largest fraction with other materials. On the basis of their source medium, the pulp is again categorized as:

  • Wood Pulp

There are two sources of wood pulp hardwood trees and softwood trees. More than 90% of the total manufactured paper is made from wood pulp today. Wood pulp is obtained by chemically or mechanically reducing wood fiber into a lignocellulosic fibrous material. The various kinds of paper made from wood pulp are newspapers, magazines, toilet papers, etc. Softwood coniferous trees like pine and spruce are the richest source of wood pulp. As trees are replantable, easily harvested and easy to transport, wood pulp is an environment-friendly and ideal raw material for paper making.

  • Non-Wood Pulp

Some pulp consists of vegetable (cellulose) fibers with numerous additives to regulate the physical characteristics, printability, and esthetics of the finished product. the selection of fiber was vital. The high-quality paper is produced from higher strength and sturdy materials like cotton, linen, or hemp fibers. These raw materials are used to give strength and stiffness to the paper. Straw, bamboo, and esparto grass are alternative materials accustomed to manufacture fibers.

  • Recycled Paper Pulp

Recycled paper pulp creates the one-third part of the total raw pulp. First of all, by using the deinking process the ink is separated from the recycled paper pulp and then it is mixed with the virgin pulp to produce different grades of recycled paper.

  • Sizing Elements

Starch and rosin sizing can be done both internally as well as externally. Rosin is used in internal sizing to provide the paper water-resistance and starch is used for surface sizing to control the absorption of printing ink and reduces the release of surface fibers.

  • Fillers Agents

To enhance the paper opacity, smoothness, and color mineral fillers are used. Fillers improves the brightness and whiteness of the paper and provides more pop to printing paper.

  • Pigments or Coloring Agents

Pigments are used to provide different colors to the paper in the paper industry. To color paper, soluble pigments are used. Fluorescent pigments are extensively used in the paper coating process to improve its appearance.

Therefore in the formation of a high-quality paper, so many ingredients are used which contributes a lot in its strength and durability. Buy supreme quality chemicals and additives from the best paper and packaging company to get desired results.

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