Balaji Chem Solutions


Its best quality is softness which easily absorbs everything from water to oil in an effective way.

Nowadays, with the advent of technology, a tissue has become the gist of our lives. The consumption element has immense softness and touches well at feel as well as strength in its structure.

At Balaji Chem solutions, we are helping customers to be hygienic and use it for home needs which can be used anytime and anywhere. Basic and best features of these tissues are: –

  • Convenient
  • Sustainable
  • User-friendly
  • Safe to use

The products which Balaji Chem solutions offer are unique and help the tissue to be long-lasting by mg coating chemicals for the machine, tissue chemicals.

Balaji solution is helping companies to make tissues with world-class products which we are offering them in affordable costs. Indeed, these products will enhance productivity and maintain the standard quality which no other product will do.

Product Range: 

Product Name Characteristics Application
BANICREPE Proprietary Composition Yankee Release agent
BANI PIC Proprietary Composition Yankee Dryer Coating Agent
BROSOFT Softener Tissue softener
BANISTRENGTH Dry Strength Resin Increase Dry Strength Properties
BANIWET Wet Strength Resin Increase  Wet Strength Properties
BANIPOL Retention & formation Improve Retention & formation