Balaji Chem Solutions

Surface Additives

Size press additives are present in the paper in full percentage. Mainly, the main aim of adding this material into the paper is to surge the overall strength, reducing dusting tendency, stiffness, and so on.  Papermaking mills are also adding copolymers styrene maleic anhydride (SMA), styrene acrylates (SA), or urethane copolymers to size-press starch if they want to achieve increased resistance to liquids or higher levels of surface strength.


Actually, paper and board manufacturers use this product to improve the functional and visual applications of their products. And Balaji Chem Solutions is there to help these companies to provide a wide variety of surface additives.


We try to cover the overall process of papermaking from printing to converting. This offers a unique presence in paper and board industry all around.

Keeping in minds the needs of the customers and high demand, we time to time discover new concepts by which paper efficiency, production, and demand surge.

Products :

Product Name Characteristics Application
BANI DISPO Dispersant Coating Dispersant
BANI OXY Modified Multi component Tapioca Starch Blend Surface Size Starch
BANI HMP Acrylic Styrene ester, Copolymer Anionic Improve Surface Properties
BANI SSCR Acrylic Copolymer. Amphoteric Improve surface strength & dimensional stability
BANISTRENGTH Proprietary Composition Improve Surface strength
BANI PAE General Purpose Cationic polyamide Resin Improve surface strength & dimensional stability