Balaji Chem Solutions

Stickies Control program

When the paper gets contaminated, that is classified as stickies. The main reason of stickies is recycled paper waxes, soft adhesives which can cause many issues into the machine like runnability, quality problems. Stickies are a mixture of organic compounds which inculcate due to printing inks coating binders, wet strength resins, and innumerable others.

Application Areas

A comprehensive stickies control program can make use of stock treatment, wire passivation, felt conditioning, dryer passivation and/or dryer fabric cleaning. These types of control program used depends on the mill’s stock prep system and on-machine cleaning, as well as the type of furnish used and the grade of paper produced.

Balaji chem solutions provide the following program for controlling stickies in paper making.


Product Name Characteristics Application
BANI DISPO Dispersant Stickies Control Chemicals
BANI SC Proprietary Composition Stickies Control Chemicals
BANI SC D Proprietary Composition Stickies Control Chemicals
BAYCOLL Bentonite Stickies Control Chemicals
BANIZYME Enzyme Stickies Control Enzymes