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Retention and Drainage

The R and D department in the paper mill is nothing to do with manufacturing process. But, after doing through research, the paper making process takes place which is called retention and Drainage.


The R-word called retention aid can impact the papermaking efficiency in three ways-One of these ways is by cutting down on solids losses, an issue that also depends on save-all performance. Another economically important impact of retention-promoting chemicals involves the frequency of downtime for boilouts, both scheduled and unscheduled. Retention chemicals usually help keep deposit-prone materials such as pitch and sizing agents bound to fibers, reducing the chance that they end up in deposits or a spot in the product. Another thing that retention aids can affect is the frequency of web breaks. That’s because a high load of fine materials in the white water tends to make the system unstable. Any small shift in process chemistry is likely to cause the fine particles to retain more or less in the sheet, changing the composition of the product. A sudden increase in fines level often means that the sheet momentarily becomes too wet, and it will likely break at an open draw.


Balaji Chem solutions offer RDF technology to the papermaking process which in turn delivers rapid productivity and come up with world-class paper quality.

Product Name Characteristics Application
Bayfloc Flocculent Retention & Drainage
Baycoll Bentonite Retention & Drainage
Bayfix Polyamine, DADMAC Retention & Drainage, Sizing Fixation
Bani cell 1000 Micropolymer Retention & Drainage