Balaji Chem Solutions

Internal Sizing & Surface Sizing

The portfolio of surface sizing agent is inclusive of a variety of products that helps in improving the water resistance and oil resistance of food contact papers.


Internal sizing agents– Internal sizing agents are used in the manufacture of paper at the wet end. It is commonly used to prevent the paper from blurring with water or ink. On the other hand, it offers water resistance to the paper or board.

Features and benefits

  • Sizing degree can be improved
  • Improves prints in analog and digital printing
  • Best toner adhesion
  • Dusting and picking can be reduced by this process
  • Holdout of liquid
Product Name Characteristics Application
Bansize 1000 AKD Emulsion Internal Size Alkaline Internal Sizing agent
Bansize 2000 AKD Emulsion Internal Size Alkaline Internal Sizing agent
Bansize 3000 HMP Acrylic Styrene ester, Copolymer Anionic Surface Sizing Agent
Bansize 3000 Acrylic Styrene ester, Copolymer Amphoteric Surface Sizing Agent
Bancraft Acrylic Styrene ester, Copolymer Cationic Surface Sizing Agent

Balaji chem solutions provide sizing technologies like : AKD, ROSIN, SURFACE SIZING, ASA.

Internal size : Bansize 1000 , Bansize 2000 , 

Surface size   : Bansize 3000, Bansize HMP, Bansize  CS