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Enzymes Application

Industrial Application of Enzymes

The enzymatic applications for the main processes in pulp and paper industry i.e. deinking, fibrillation, bleaching, defining, starch modification, drainage unprecedented short period of time. Nowadays, the most essential application of enzyme is the rebleaching of Kraft pulp. Balaji chem solutions provide the following enzymes for the pulp and paper industry.
Deinking enzymes, Bleach busters, Stickies & Pitch control enzymes, Starch modification enzymes, Drainage enzymes.


Product Name Characteristics Application
BANIZYME DI Enzyme Deinking enzymes
BANIZYME R Enzyme Refining Enzyme
BANIZYME TFR Enzyme Refining Enzyme
BANIZYME PR 810 Enzyme Deinking enzymes
BANIZYME DR Enzyme Drainage enzymes
BANI SL ENZYME Enzyme Slashing  Enzyme
BANI ST Enzyme Starch Liquefaction Enzyme