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Deinking chemicals

Deinking process is very famous process in which machines remove the printing ink from paper fibres from recycled paper to make it deinked pulp. The main key of this deinking chemicals is to detach ink from the fibre permanently. The whole process is done with utmost care with the combination of mechanical and chemical means. During this process, foam is generated which helps in removing ink particles by floatation.

Balaji chem solutions offer flexible deinking solutions which will detach ink from the paper. It goes through various steps like sorting, debaling, pulping, cleaning, and screening. Other than this, the new enzyme technology series deinking aids can help the paper mills to reduce the costs by eliminating hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda used in the pulp.

Features of Deinking chemicals: –

  • Help in boosting pulp brightness
  • Prevents ink deposition on paper machines
  • Minimized use of other chemicals
  • Minimize residue ink values


Product Name Characteristics Application
BANI DI 9110 PC Fatty Acid Base Soap De-inking Chemicals
BANI DI 9110 Fatty Acid Base Soap De-inking Chemicals
BANI DI 1011 Surfactant De-inking Chemicals
BANI DI 1001 Surfactant De-inking Chemicals
BANI 810 Fatty Acid Base Flacks Noodles De-inking Chemicals
BANIZYME DI Enzyme De-inking Enzymes