Retention Aids are the prime products used to reduce the cost of raw material n a paper mill industry. To keep the cost under control, it is entirely important to retain, most of the fibers like cellulose, wood pulp, etc. In the production process, it also helps in waste reduction, quality improvement of paper, and reduction of bad environmental impacts.

While manufacturing paper, at the wet end of paper mill retention and drainage chemicals, are used to optimize fiber retention and water drainage. Retention and drainage aids are used in the manufacturing of alkaline papers. Due to the increasing use of recycled fibers and high operating speed paper machines, the task of fibers retaining has become more challenging and costly.

Hence in order to reduce the paper production cost the demand for the Micropolymer retention and drainage has been increased. Polyacrylamide and Polyethyleneimine are the most widely used retention aids in various paper mills.

Need for Retention and Drainage Agents in Paper making Process

In the filtration process during paper making, the paper machine wire cloth is used as a continuous filter that filters the solids from the ready pulp solution, but some fine particles drain out with the water and create so many troubles in the paper formation process. In the absence of formation and drainage chemicals, a paper manufacturing company has to face the following problems:

  • Excess concentration of fine fiber particles and filler drainage in pulp solution
  • Increased additives and sizing costs
  • Deposits increment
  • Decreased running ability of the papermaking machine
  • Cleaning Downtime rate goes increased
  • More sewer losses and formation of a bad quality paper sheet
  • Filling of wet-press felts

How retention and Drainage Aids Work?

Retention aids set the zeta potential of the pulp near zero to retain the fine fiber particles and colloids effectively. Retention and drainage aids perform the following functions in papermaking :

  • Influence the drainage process so the speed of paper making machine gets increased.
  • Boosts the retention of fillers and fibers
  • Reduce the usages of wet end additives and sizings
  • It provides better surface contact and reduces steam usage
  • Prevents the paper sheet breakages
  • Improves the running ability of the paper machine
  • Helps to produce high-quality paper
  • Increase paper brightness and reduced costs
  • Provides a clean white water system
  • Increase productivity and reduce downtime of cleaning
  • Optimize the essential drying energy
  • Improves the strength and permeability of the paper

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To obtain a high-quality paper sheet, it is important to add the appropriate quantity of retention and drainage agents. High or less quantity of retention aids reduce the paper quality and decrease the overall productivity. Buy the prime quality retention and drainage agents from reliable and experienced suppliers and produce an excellent quality paper.