Paperboard packaging is increasing its popularity among the retailers and product manufacturers as the best product packaging solution. Having a wide area for printing and attractive customizations in different styles, paperboard packaging has increased the scope for brand promotion. The beautiful picturization of inside products on the outer area of the packaging attracts the customers to check it out once.

The paper packaging board with its numerous outstanding features is most liked by both retailers as well as customers. It’s flexible and easy to fold nature makes it more relevant to the different product packaging needs.

Easy Customization

Being flexible and able to withstand with all stresses and strains paperboards permit a brand owner or paper manufacturers to design and craft a variety of different structures and shapes, customized to the product in order to make it more appealing and to achieve higher customer attention. High-resolution graphics represent a similar to the original image in front of the customer and give a close idea of product appearance to him. Printing material on both of the sides explains the excellent characteristic features of the products and encourages them to make a buying decision.

Smaller to medium, Larger to super large all structures and shapes ensure it as the best packaging solution to all famous brands. It is concluded in researches that cartons are more appealing than the other traditional product packaging mediums.

Consumers Affability


Paperboard packaging or folding cartons have lots of benefits from the customer’s perspective. They offer a clean and attractive billboard with the manufacturing and expiry dates of the products. So customers can compare the products of different brands on the basis of their prices, specifications, and the latest manufacturing dates. 

The folding cartons are extremely easy to recycle by the customers and as they are natural and ecofriendly, they left no bad effect behind them. Paperboard packaging offers the customers a very convenient product transferring medium and ensures product quality and security.

Seller Affability


The paperboard packaging is too easy to be stacked, stored, viewed, and replaced in-retailer shelf. Being space-efficient packaging paperboards are relatively easy to breakdown and recycle by the retailer. Also, the larger printed area of the folding cartons attracts the customers, offers a golden opportunity to the seller to communicate and influence his buying decision, and encourage him to make a purchase to boost your sale and earn more profit.

Ecologically Sound

Paperboard packaging is eco-friendly in nature as it does not contain any portion of plastic or polythene in its composition. It does not add any harmful substances to the soil. It has some unbeatable qualities which prove its eco-friendliness.


Reasons to Choose Paper Board Packaging Solutions - balaji chemical solutions in India

Rather than other packaging materials, most of the paper boards are easily recyclable and used to make a chipboard as recycled products. There are various types of recycled paper boards such as paper baking on roofing shingles, paper towel rolls, and new paperboard, etc.


Most resources from our earth that are accustomed to manufacture products and their packaging can’t be replaced once they’re extracted. Since paperboard is made of wood fiber that is easily achievable and renewable in the form of tree woods.


Manufacturing of paper boards is completely sustainable, that you can use the resources for your present needs by keeping them safe for future needs as well.

Due to such extraordinary features and unbeatable benefits paper boards are the primary choice among different packaging options. These are easy to manage and have no harmful effect on the environment.