If one aims to own the best paper machine and have an excellent runnability without facing any quality issues, it is extremely important to keep a good press felt monitoring. It makes the machine run exceptionally, and there is no need left to hinder the machine’s movement for cleaning it. As a result of this, the quantity of paper produced increases by many folds. The best felt cleaning and conditioning chemicals in India.

How are the cleaning and conditioning done and helpful in the paper industry?

The procedure of creating a felt is to eradicate contaminants’ demands from you by cleaning and conditioning chemicals from the cleaning and conditioning chemical suppliers.

Therein incorporate the steps of providing a felt used in carrying paper webs, producing an enzyme solution comprising an enzyme handpicked from the group consisting of a cellulase, a hemicellulase, and mixtures thereof, applying the enzyme solution to the felt for the first period, cleaning the felt with water, putting a solution of sodium hydroxide on the felt to extract the enzyme solution and then cleaning the felt with water to withdraw the sodium hydroxide solution. Thereby it helps in removing the contaminants in the felt.

The felt conditioner can be applied irregularly or constantly to the felt, for example, while the paper is being delivered. The felt cleaning and conditioning chemicals can be applied either to the machine side of the felt or to the sheet side of the felt or both. The felt conditioner can be applied to the felt while the paper is being made, for example, to such an extent that the felt is constantly moving and a segment of the felt is in direct concurrent contact with a bit of the paper at any time. The felt conditioner can be applied at any place on the felt in a zone where it isn’t in concurrent contact with the sheet on the machine side of the sheet side.

Application procedure

Comprehensive solution supplier incorporates:

  • Continuous or intermittent dosing with adjusted product flow
  • Appropriate shower bar location and nozzle design for 100% coverage chemical spray onto the felt surfaces.
  • Design and supply of automatic dosing system for a single product or dual products, e.g., alternating acidic and alkaline felt conditioners or cleaners.

Application areas are as follows-

  • Press felt cleaners and conditioners are ordinarily applied through the felt showers.
  • Various evaluations of paper, machine types/sizes, and other working conditions have various requirements, extending from traditional batch cleaners to Batch-On-The-Run to persistent conditioning. Different applications would likewise call for various feed focuses and fixations. 
  • A few applications may require devoted chemical showers in the press area, while others utilize existing lubrication or cleaning showers.

What are the benefits and uses of felt cleaning and conditioning in the paper industry?

  • It helps in the maximization of press dewatering.
  • It diminishes press section breaks.
  • There are reduced sheet moisture streaks.
  • It improves the evenness of size press and coater pickup (on the paper machine).
  • It also improves the evenness of the pulp sheet (no curling) on pulp dryers.
  • It also increases the machine speed or reduces steam used in the dryer section.
  • It provides additional brightness to paper.
  • It provides a great dispersion to the fabric.
  • Enhances the speed of the machines
  • It is also added before the headbox and to the machine chest.

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