Microbial deposits in a paper industry can impact the machine efficiency and runnability. A
microbiological & deposit control program requires a good knowledge of the system and the
primary sources of contamination. Once the sources of pollution shorten, the paper manufacturer
can control the microbiological populations of the system. Good housekeeping and regular
inspection of all areas, effective bailouts, and regularly scheduled washup reduce slime
Microbiological & Deposit Chemicals are used to deal with the Microbial Problem in Paper
manufacturing. In this, the organic deposits incorporate pitch, stickies, and papermaking
additives, whereas inorganic deposits comprise scale, fillers, and other inorganic components.
Microbiological deposits contain a more wide range of living organisms. These include fungi,
capsule, single-celled slime, single-celled mucosa, filamentous bacteria, and other unicellular
Factors affecting Microbiological & Deposit Control Program in the pulp & paper
 Good housekeeping
 Bailouts
 Biocides
 Use of Enzymes
 Biological equilibrium
 Biodespersants
 Use of competing microorganisms
 Biofilm inhibitors
 Bacteriophage use
 Electrochemically activated Biocides
Here are the numerous benefits of using Microbiological & Deposit Chemicals in a paper
and pulp mill:
 Control in the stench of paper
 Control in Corrosion
 Prevention of additive spoilage
 Control in production downtime
 Increase the life of paper
 Increase the quality of paper
 The decrease in the rate of rejection & scrap
 Nature friendly

What are the various areas where a microbial and deposit control program is most needed?
Microbiological & deposit control chemicals are usually applied in the following crucial areas
of the paper manufacturing machine to increase the quality as well as quantity of production:
 Size press
 Freshwater sterilization
 Catalase control in deinked pulp
 Additive system
 Coater
Below listed are the products offered by Balaji chem solutions-
Name of the product

Broad Spectrum isothiazolinone
Paper machine Slime control

Proprietary Composition
Paper machine Slime control

Oxidizing Biocide
Quick killer biocide in the wide pH range

Broad Spectrum isothiazolinone

Starch/polymer preservative

BANI 1059
Proprietary Surfactant
Bio Dispersant

Several chemical suppliers recommend various microbial and deposit control chemicals to
enhance the paper’s quality and avoid damage to it. You can even buy online microbial chemicals
now. But why is it so necessary to invest your money into a microbial and deposit control
program? Below mentioned are the most important reasons behind that-

  1. Maintaining a strategic distance from microorganism stores may make low splendor and
    darker shades of paper.
  2. Stores seriously influence the machine consistency, deterioration of coating batches, and
    personal time.
  3. A high measure of microorganisms and stores builds the screening separating issues, erosion,
    and diminishes productivity.
  4. Microorganisms cause unpalatable smells or scent issues.
  5. Microbiological stores additionally lessen the quality of the paper and lessen its strength.
  6. Because of their unfavorable impacts, the number of dismissed papers increases.
    Multiple online suppliers are now dealing in the online supply of these microbial and deposit
    chemicals. Still, the most important factor to make your paper mill excel is to choose the correct
    quality of chemicals for your local industry, as even small steps are most important sometimes in
    production industries.
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