Felt cleansers and conditioners are used to improve the productivity of a paper mill. These improve the runnability of the paper machine and enables the pulp dryers. There is no need to stop the press felts for the cleaning process. Choose the best-felt cleaning and conditioning chemicals based on the type of contaminant used in felt. Choosing the appropriate conditioner slows down the rate of felt being dirty.

Felt shower is used to apply the paper felt cleaner in papermaking press. The requirement of the cleaning and conditioning depends on the paper grade, paper machine size, and other operating conditions. For different feed points and to get different concentrations a number of applications are required. In a few applications, a dedicated chemicals shower is applied to the press section, whereas in others a shower of existing lubricant is used to clean the machine felt.

Most of the best cleaning chemical manufacturers in India helps papermakers in protecting their fabrics and keeping their pulp and paper felt clean by providing a full range of acidic, alkaline, neutral, batch, and on the fly cleaning and conditioning products.

Felt cleaners and chemicals comprehensive solutions provide:

  1. Design and supply of automatic dosing system for a single product or dual products e.g., alternating acidic and alkaline felt conditioners or cleaners
  2. Continuous or intermittent dosing with adjusted product flow
  3. The location of the shower bar and nozzle should be an appropriate design for getting 100% coverage of chemical spray onto the felt surfaces

Benefits of Paper Mill Felt Cleaning and conditioning Chemicals

These cleaning and conditioning chemicals essentially provide a full range of services and optimize felt cleaning and conditioning applications

  • Increased press section runnability
  • Improved machine speed and production output
  • Enhancement in Sheet moisture profile and paper quality
  • Maximum steam consumption
  • Longer lasting screens due to regular cleaning.
  • Improved paper product due to great moisture removal with clean paper machine felts and wire mesh.
  • The convenience of the screen and felt cleaning because it is part of the paper process.
  • High-pressure washer’s maintenance-free operation reduces paper mills downtime.

The procedure of Felt Operation

The paper mills run a rigorous schedule of twenty-four hours each day, seven days every week, typically for six to twelve months with no shutdowns. Hence all instrumentality must be an insensible operating order. As a result of the continual duty, maintenance-free operation of the high-pressure washer must ideally be fitted to all requirements. There are many in the process of converting the wood into paper. The most important step involves removing water from the cellulose fiber using wire mesh and felts.

Cellulose sticks to each the wire mesh and also the felt. Below every mess, there could be a  pipe just about 2 to 3 inches in diameter containing up to twenty-four nozzles. This equipment oscillates and sprays cold water on the screens and felts to get rid of at bay particles before returning to receive another application of wet cellulose. Employing a high washer for this improvement will increase wire mesh life, reduces the period and helps to assure a top-quality product.

Using the appropriate and high-quality cleaning and conditioning chemicals make the felt cleaning process much simpler.