Balaji Chem Solutions

Microbiological & Deposit Control Program

Inthe Pulp and Paper Industry, the microbiological population being dealt with is dynamic, so any treatment program must maintain flexibility that is capable of handling production or seasonal changes that may be reflected in the nature or severity of the slime problems encountered. A good microbiological control program will extend the time of high operating efficiency and produce a high-grade finished product.


Balaji chem solutions team will provide local experts in the area of microbiology, surface and colloidal chemistry, engineering/application technology, safety, and regulatory compliance to support our microbiological control programs. Our commitment is to provide the right expertise to the mill on a 24-hour basis to ensure the success of our microbiological control programs.


Balaji Chem Solutions deliver a wide variety of products to handle all kinds of deposits. The main thing is the right selection of products with proper allocation that leads to successful cleaning programs.


Program for controlling microbiological and slime deposits: Organic micro biocides, Inorganic oxidizing biocides, Bio-dispersants, and oxidizing biocides.


Product Name Characteristics Application
BANI CHEM IIP Broad Spectrum isothiozoline Paper machine Slime control
BANI IVP Proprietary Composition Paper machine Slime control
BANI BIO GB Oxidizing Biocide Quick killer biocide in wide pH range
BANI SP Broad Spectrum isothiozoline Starch / polymer preservative
BANI 1059 Proprietary Surfactant Bio Dispersant