The secret of our success is no secret at all. The basic ingredients utilized by us are very well known by everyone which is inclusive of hard work, experience, and intimate knowledge of the market. We are a pioneer in offering qualitative service and functioning; which nowadays, top-notch giants are following.

Our main trust is cultivated through state-of-the-art AKD chemicals plant which has always motivated us to keep a close check on the internal sizing of paper through the quality of wax and AKD emulsion.

In the age of reasonable cost and side by side adopting the mantra of go green, we are the best in the market. Our ethics have become the thought process of our well-experienced and young professionals in extending bespoke solutions to the ultimate height. After judging the background of their business, we make the customers satisfied with our bestowed services.
We ensure the satisfaction of the clients through our in-depth analysis, and we create such a panacea in affordable price adopting latest the technology and knowledge. Defining effective chemical management modules We plan every solution with the utmost care and with the help of experts who are well-experienced and professional in this respective field: -
  • World-class paper quality keeping in mind the pulp processing /wet end chemistry of paper and good surface treatment at size press. By introducing latest products and techniques.
  • Strength improvement chemicals for paper are used in the strength development. Balaji offers certain chemical additives, when introduced into the furnish prior to paper formation, constitute an alternative method to beating for generating paper strength, whilst maintaining other important property combinations. Drystrength additives are usually water soluble, hydrophilic natural and synthetic polymers.
  • The printing of paper is done carefully that it will not lose durability, dimensional stability, regardless of size press additives and moisture.
On simple aim
  • Surging profit by using the best raw material, minimization of cost in operation, and handling the whole process perfectly
  • The operations of various paper related products increases profit with the focus of strength improvement chemicals for paper
With the advent of technology, we have seen tremendous growth in achieving a milestone in home-grown raw material; but, still there are innumerable materials which need to be imported from various destinations. We, from the last two decades, are using our comprehensive network of chemical manufacturers around the world to help clients in India in delivering the best quality material and at a reasonable price.